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and kobe has it right. "studio b" is it for now, and eric is here for neil cavuto. have a great thanksgiving. >>eric: and now the threat as unions take aim at travel and shopping. welcome, everyone, i an here for neil cavuto. this is "your world" and across the country, folks are flooding airports trying to get home for the holidays while others are gorying up for the door buster sales but are unions standing in the way? we are all over it with our reporter at o'hare where grid hock is in full swing and at lax union protests are adding to the misery there as we speak, and diane macedo at walmart where black friday protests are planned and sandra tracking shoppers fearing the fiscal cliff. william, from lax?
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>>reporter: a bad travel day is a nightmare for thousands as the fastest growing union in the country is holding a protest on the business of the travel day of the year at the third busiest airport in the country. in was designed to turn this road, way you get into lamb, into a parking lot and they have succeeded. what is bad if travelers is good for the union. they are bringing publicity to an issue that local news and the media would otherwise not cover and that is basically a labor dispute with a small company employing 400 workers. they are protesting a vote by a company, by the workers, decertifying the union, throwing them out, so to speak. >> it is frustrating because they are trying to get home to their families. on a holiday. where people want to see their
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family. that is crazy. no notwithstanding you. that is how i feel. >> they have something to say. the constitution protects our right to protest. doesn't it? let them do it. more power to them. >> so, they are protesting the fact they were thrown out as a union representing the workers and now they are complaining saying to the, saying the company is violating minimum wage standards here in the city. are you going to the airport by any chance? no. >> are you late? >> no, i am just trying to get around the traffic. >> you and everyone else. did you know there was a protest today? >> i saw it on the news. >> something you are living with? what do you think of holding a roast on the busiest travel day of the year at the airport? >>guest: i don't know what they are doing but if they doing that if a reason, it must be
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good. >> this, the union is claiming that they are violating the minimum wage standards here in the city and they are trying to but the up support for their point of view, blue they are pointing out, the workers are saying we voted you out as aentive at our company, and we don't want you back in and we are getting better wages now than we did. this is backed up for more than a while and a lot of people will miss flights because they are taking 90 minutes extra. >>eric: thank you. if he asked the guy in the ford pickup he who is gotten a different answer. now the other union threat, protests planned outside walmart stores on black friday and time is running out for the national labor relations board to intervene. diane macedo is at one of the targets walmart stores right here in new jersey, across the river. that is going on? >>guest: well, a day to the holiday shopping season here and still, no word from the nlrb on the legal at of the strikes
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planned against walmart for black friday. now, the retailer filed a complaint last week alleged that the united food and commercial union was using the wage protests as a pretense tale to try to organize walmart employees and it is beyond the deadline to hold a formalization vote. the nlrb said it is too complex an issue to issue a decision until after thanksgiving so legal or not the strikes will be allowed to continue until friday morning and added to that the workers group has filed their outbound complaint against walmart to the nlrb so black friday shoppers should expect more than just the usual chaos this friday. demonstrators say they expect 150 protests here at this walmart. >>eric: walmart claims the protests are illegal but the nlrb say they do not expect to issue a decision before tomorrow
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on thanksgiving, that doesn't leave a lot of time to stop the profits. the board currently has four members by the way, they democrats, and one republican. all appointed by president obama. walmart finalled a complaint last friday, so, michelle field said the labor board has had plenty of time to rule and is deliberately dragging its feet. >>guest: they are deliberately trying to do this. what will happen, they will be, all of the protests will occur on block friday and that will guaranteer tons of media attention and you will see all the liberal politicians and pundits and union bosses going on tv pressuring walmart to unionize. that is what this is all about, they claim this is improving working conditions. baloney. this say bout trying to force walmart to collective bargain but the union does not represent the workers of walmart. this is all about trying to get attention, trying to force
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walmart to unionize. >>eric: people need to understand how big and how important walmart is: 1.4 million employees in the united states, 4,500 stores and 75 percent of management has been, began years at walmart as hourly e employees so they promote from need, and 53 percent are females. this is one of the bet employers in america and has stayed away from the union. can we say that because they have stayed away from the union they have been this successful? >>guest: of course. it is in their best interest to keep their labor wages low and to -- they provide things on a very low price and in the best interest of the american people because the reason why walmart is able to provide things with such a low price is because they aren't unionized. i don't thinks will have any sympathy for the workers.
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we have five million people per year apply to work out walmart and only a small fraction actually get that job. people are going to look at this --. >>eric: please continue to talk about the union effects on things we do like fly, shopping, trying for get home. here is a live shot at los angeles, the protests, people are protesting, this is what the unions are doing, what they are telling their members to do, telling friends of the unions to do, and they are disrupting every day americans' lives. is this what the union membership is supposed to be about? >>guest: why think so. this is how it has evolved. they continue to have the thug like tactics and they try to get their way not by negotiating and talking to the employer, but trying to force them into doing things, trying to pressure them through, really, immoral means. >>eric: i will hold up a couple of things. this represents what is going on, everyone knows the twinkie step and what is going on with
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hostess they have to liquidate, and leader is what people do not realize, they make twinkies and hostess wonderbread. did you know that you can't put a twinkie on a bread truck because the teamsters say if you transport bread you cannot transport a twinkie and you getd the products, someone else has to do it, the truck driver doesn't want to touch it, no wonder the unions drive the costs of everything up and businesses like twinkies out of business. >>guest: what these people ought to do is look what happened to hostess and now there are 18,000 unemployed because of the yawns. so lock at that and think twice what they are doing and be thankful you have a job in the economy. >>eric: thank you for joining us today. forget the union threat, is the fiscal cliff a threat? doing a number on holiday shoppers?
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sandra, people are not shopping because they worried about the fiscal cliff, is this true? >>guest: they say they will change their habits. even if there is a deal goldman sachs saying consumers will be impacted but it is the thought of the so-called fiscal cliff that has consumers spooked. a study says half of u.s. adults say the impending cliff will impact their holiday shopping plans in some sort of way, and 18 percent of respondents say the fiscal cliff will have a large impact on their overall holiday spending this year. now, that being said, the sacrifices consumers will make over the holidays go far beyond the mall, we are talking about the sluggish economy, having an impact on other sacrifices that americans are making, their vacations, they have relied on relatives for air fare to get
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home and scoured the remember for travel deals to ensure they can get to grandma's house, with the slow committee forcing airlines struggling to save on jet fuel and other expenses to cut the number of flights they are putting out in the air leading up to a number of air fare jumps, and, for the millions of americans hitting the road, they say it is the highest gas prices on record for this time of year and rising tolls, so, many travelers are saying they are accepting the sacrifices for pricey holiday travel as the new norm. >>eric: thank you. have a great thanksgiving. now, celebrations in the streets of gaza city right now as a cease-fire between israel and hamas is declared. will it hold? why the u.n. actions are fueling new calls to kick the organization out for good here. twins. i didn't see them coming.
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>>eric: this is gaza city where celebrations are underway after a cease-fire was announced between israel and hamas. david lee miller is in israel with the latest. >>reporter: the cease-fire was implemented two hours ago. there were a dozen rockets and to hours, plus, cease-fire, it is relatively calm. earlier, though, the difficult day in addition to the usual rocket fire we saw something that has not happened since 2006, in was a bus bombing, someone threw a bomb on a bus and then fled some two dozen
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people were injureed. it is not clear what group was responsible, hamas has not claimed responsibility and the leaders of the group regissed after hearing about the bus bombing. also, today, in gaza, there remain more israel airstrikes leading up to the cease-fire and 120 targets were hit and 23 palestinians were killed today, including two children, and in total now, this conflict has claimed 157 palestinian lives and five israeli lives. as i said at the outset at this hour, it looks like this ceasefire for now is taking hold. among the terms, the palestinians grow to stop firing rocket which israel says is not beginning to continue the targeted assassination of militants and after 24 hours if there is quiet, israel has agreed to loosen up restrictions on the blockade of gaza. association people in this neighborhood are holding their breath at this hour, calm of a
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eight days of blood shed. >>eric: thank you, david lee, from southern israel. secretary of state, hillary clinton was not the only diplomat but the head former head of the u.n. but why didn't he up the same. it wasn't only the u.n. secretary-general, but it was also the turkish prime minister who said, wait, israel, calm down. what is going on in the middle east? >>guest: well, part of the battleground here is diplomatic. and one of the, presumably, one of the goals of the hamas terrorist leadership in gaza is to delegitimatize israel, a constant push and campaign. unfortunately, the u.n. lends
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itself as a vehicle for exactly that, for translating terrorist attack which absolutely shouldn't be going on into diplomatic games in the sense of looking for ways to damage israel and this instruction for maximum restraint is just an excellent case in point. >>eric: many have said egypt is the key to peace in the middle east and that region of the middle east. has egypt redeemed her sell given what we know now? there was a point where mercy who is a muslim brotherhood disciple, there was a question whether or not he would side with israel or with hamas, and he seems to have sided with israel; that right? do i interpret this right? >>reporter: we wait to see where he sided because the test isn't what bill they agreed to but what now happens with the weapons this have been flowing into gaza and we know this is
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should haved with missiles, and will that now stop? these probably aren't flowing in through the israeli crossing. they come in through egypt. >>eric: through the tunnels on the egypt and gaza border but the question, and this is just an assumption, israel would not agree to a cease-fire unless egypt was willing to cut off that armed supply, correct? >>guest: i think israel is subject to all sorts of extraordinary pressures and constraints precisely because of the diplomatic war that is effectively wages with the help of the u.n. you have the u.n. running rescue agency headquartered in gaza that is dedicated exclusively to palestinian revenues and it also effectively serves as a press center for the hamas leadership
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in gaza when this breaks out. what has happened, there is a ritual reciting bit u.n., the rockets should stop and they say, and israel must exercise complete restraint and they condemn trillion for what it is doing in its own defense. for months, the rockets were sitting israel and israel's ambassador to the u.n. was pleading with the u.n. security council to do something, month after month, hundreds and hundreds of rockets and not until israel took action does the u.n. treat this as a crisis. >>eric: we need to point out a lot of the rockets that were flown into israel through or from gaza were iranian made. >>guest: yes. hamas is iranian backed, trained, supported, and funded.
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these are missiles with a longer range that can hit tel aviv, jerusalem, and this is getting very dangerous. remember, iran also backed the terrorist group hezbollah to the north in lebanon. >>eric: thank you, thank you are have much for joining us. we have police disrupting or taking a look at what is going on with the protests at lax airport. this is a live shot right there. your taxes are going up and that has grover norquist fired up, the antitax man. next.
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>>eric: look on the left side your screen, los angeles airport, lamb, where protesters have disrupted travel plans for a lost members and you can see the cops checking it out, and maybe lifting a few of the protesters off the ground, escorting a few protesters away presumably the union protesters, over issues they had with the los angeles airport. on the right side of the screen, that is chicago. the busiest if not the busiest airport in america, also increasinged has a lot of travel backups with weather and a lot of issues because of the shear volume. so, a lost messy travel plans. keep your eye on that. that is it, it is over, get ready to pay more in taxes because according to the mainstream media, republicans are ready to cave to the democrats. and let taxes go up. does the many stream media after it right? grover norquist says absolutely
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not. i hear a lot, a lot, rumors that speaker boehner may be interested in cutting a deal to raise taxes as part of deal. are you hearing the same? >>guest: we heard that for a year in 2011 and it was not true. there are people who are hoping that the republican party will raise taxes to pay for obama's larger government. obama would like that to happen. the republicans won the house of representatives campaigning on a commitment to the ryan plan which reduces spending, reforms entitlements, and reforms taxes down, not up. so, obama got himself re-elected less strongly than four years ago and the republican house got itself re-elected? >>eric: what happens if republicans do cave and do sign on to higher taxes, what will you do? >>guest: well, the question is what the american people do if they see the republicans and
1:26 pm
democrats agreeing to raise taxes to pay if oh bum's bigger government then the republicans would be co-owners of what will be, unfortunately, a very unpleasant four years as all of obamacare falls on top of the heads of the american people, all of the regulations they have been delaying until after the election me begin to kick in, this is a lot of unpleasantness all delayed deliberately until after the election that will not be pleasant between now and the next four years and i don't think anyone wants it sign up to pay for all of the higherding a. >>eric: the if youly -- newly elected congress people and senate, are they signing on to your pledge at the frequency to which the prior elected folks have, the 2010 class? >>guest: well, 2010 was the high water mark but we are at 90 percent all republicans in the
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house of representatives and 92 percent plus who made that commitment, the entire leadership in the house of representatives and the senate made that written commitment to the american people. there are some people who say i never signed pledges, but if you read their statements on their website they are all against raising taxes, so, we have a pretty united republican party against tax increases. the democrats would like a tax increase to validate their higher pending. i don't think they will get that but i made two suggestions for the republicans. one, they should require the negotiations be tell surprised on c-span so that every american can see what obama does and doesn't promise on entitlements, what speaker boehner, rather than wondering if speaker boehner would raise questions, have him on c span saying, yes, or no. obama, the same thing. secondly, once they come to a deal it should be written down and put online so that every
1:28 pm
single american for seven days can read it so we don't get tapped where they come in and say sign this right away, emergency, emergency, emergency, and people grow to something they haven't read, as long as we have those two things there won't be a bad deal. >>eric: conservative columnist bill kristol said even the tea party is okay if you just raise taxes on people earning over $1 million. do you grow or disagree? >>guest: that is silly. he speaks to many issues well, but to this issue, no. >>eric: thank you, grove norquist. tomorrow, neil cavuto is hosting a thanksgiving though and why this fiscal cliff issue is so important to american workers, to american jobs, and, then, decide not lawmakers should keep their, it is not about red and not about blue but green, your money, don't miss the special at 4:00 eastern.
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watched this happen, police removing protesters and, remember, they organized a protester at los angeles international airport over labor dispute and this is how it has turned out. those travel problems are not limited to los angeles with mob scenes across the country and 24 million people expected to take to the skies this thanksgiving weekend causing gridlock on the ground. fox business network's reporter is in the thick of it at o'hare in chicago, my hometown. what is the latest? >>reporter: we had protesters out here, today, but fought as serious a protest as you had out there in los angeles. today it was more the weather but i have two headlines, one is the weather, can you see people looking at boards, and if you look at anything in yellow that means a delay or a cancellation. there were a lot of them today in the hundreds. here is the thing about the airlines and here is the second headline, airlines have done a better job of not overbooking
1:34 pm
flights and not flying unprofitable routes with fewer flights these days, cuts by 15 percent from the height and that means the airlines have actually done better with their bottom line. look at airline stocks, this is not necessarily great for consumers because they don't get as many deals but you look at the stocks of jetblue, delta, united, southwest, they are all between 20 percent and 40 percent over the course of the past year. that means the companies are doing a better job of making sure they make a profit. that means sometimes you don't get as good a deal and a situation like today with cancellations can delays, you don't have as many places for the travelers to go with no empty seats to fill. i show you the length of the concourse for a day with as many cancellations and delays it has been smooth at o'hare in
1:35 pm
chicago. for victims of super storm sandy who lost everything, they may not have a place to go for a meal but my next guest is changing that, connecting victims with families willing to host them for thanksgiving din we, a place at the table. what a great, great idea. how did you come up with this? >> i had a day where i had to stay home, and i decided to go on to facebook and started thinking about my own thanksgiving day plans and method what were they going to do with no homes, and they are not thing what day of the week it; never mind thanksgiving. >>eric: give us a sense of how many people opened their tables to victims. >>guest: last i looked over 600 people. earthquake, how many people needed help? >>guest: we have matched over 40 people, but it is away from me because on facebook the matches are happening without my
1:36 pm
intervention through the page. >>eric: a rower told me that there are people calling from all over the country trying to help. >>guest: people want to send donations, and turkeys, do anything they can. >>eric: what state are we in, in recovery, in new jersey? >>guest: what state? >>eric: what stage. >>guest: the beginning. there are people that are suffering and need help and for rather reasons have not gotten it yet, and we are at going stages tomorrow. now, you have also prepares bring power to certain areas. >>guest: i was working with a reporter, and i drive a vespa in the summer, usually, only, but with the gas crisis i was able to drive around and report open gas stations to a local reporter who was able to tweet out the
1:37 pm
gas stations. >>eric: what about the power lines? >>guest: i wasn't helping with that. >>eric: i meant telling people where the help was needs and which poles were down? >>guest: no, not there. >>eric: this is how you can help. provided dinner, as well, with table share host. >>guest: if you have been affected, come to table share. >>eric: you are doing god's work. think signing up for the instore credit cards will save you money? dave ramsey about tory and -- about to rip and toys are up
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>>eric: sign up for a new credit card and get a percentage off your purchase. we have all done that. black friday stores are offering 20 percent off. others say skip the lines altogether if you sign up. but personal finance guru says don't get sucked if. come on, program difficult, i don't want to wait in line. i would sign found a credit card for that. >>guest: happy that that. listen, if they are willing to do all of these hoops and gadgets and flaming swords in the air to get you to sign up, it must be because it is profitable to them. hello? it is a snare. you are walking up, you put your feet in there and you are hanging upside down in the jungle wondering what happened. don't do it. >>eric: if i get 20 percent off a flat screen and i have the golden sissors and cut it off
1:42 pm
after i buy it, right? >>guest: that is what everyone those as they skip line and they walk out of there with a flat screen and then the bills come around and there is other stuff and the kid need as prom dress and they say, well, we will only pay the minimum payment this month, we are not going to pay off this whole thing and you look up a few years later and you have $36,000 in credit card debt and you don't know how that happened. that is how it happened. >>eric: you have been through this before, but can you pull the full screen up, why credit cards are bad. first, credit cards do not build wealth. what else? >>guest: you do not pay until next year, the person that finances christmas it is may before it is paid off and we you to spend only what you have. i have met with thousands and thousands of millionaires and you have, too, in your business, and in your year and i never met one saying i made it saving 20
1:43 pm
percent off. >>eric: do you have tips for saving a few bucks. >>dave: we have five weeks until christmas. if you want to pay christmas you can budget for christmas. you are late, but you can do that. divide our christmas budget by 5 and do every week. be honest meaning discuss with your family, this year we may need to do a little different on gift giving and draw names, or just buy the kids under 12 stuff, or whatever, on the distant cousins. lots of work out there to be had, and extra income would solve a lot of this. my grandmother said there is a great place to go when you are broke, to work. you can give someone a nice coupon that says i'll bake you a cake, mow your grass, clean your gutters out, something kind for you next year and that is my christmas gift. >>eric: is that an offer? ramsey? that is fantastic. i'm take you up on that. thank you very much. important time for all of your
1:44 pm
great advice. >>guest: thanks. happy thanksgiving. >>eric: toys 'r us are opening the night before black friday, thanksgiving day, 8:00 p.m. workers at target are upset working turkey day what kind of response is toys 'r us getting? the c.e.o. of toys 'r us, you see all of the news about workers upset, unions upset but you go with 8:00 p.m. thanksgiving day night? >>guest: our customers asked us to. last year we opened at 9:00 p.m. and our customers are different, they are families, they are parents with small children, they like to go, get the shopping done; they go home and go to bed and not get up in the middle of the night and nuclear they said, let us in and we decided to open up at 8:00 p.m. and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. with our employees, we all know we are in the toy business. it starts on black friday, and
1:45 pm
we have signs all over the building, saying how man days until black friday. we are jazzed that black friday is finally here and we are committed behind this. >>eric: union or non-union? >>guest: non-down. most retailers are. >>eric: i ask because we have focused on a last things unions doing disrupting america's plans whether it is thanksgiving dyneller or flying from lax or shopping at a competitors store. now, some of the hot toys this year. >>guest: this is the hottest toys at toys us and this is our own tablet, a toys 'r us designed tablet for $149 why 99 you have all the apps kids like to play and you don't have to use the ipad, tremendousliment toys. >>eric: they need to bay the apps? >>guest: it is preloaded with 50 apps app for free. and there are learning tools.
1:46 pm
this is baby butterscotch, a special pet that is cute, and i will not leave it on, you can feed it, it chomps, you brush it, it is happy, this is the best pet in the world. doesn't leave a mess. >>eric: how much? >>guest: $119. and this is the hottest lego sets, if brings, it is very, very, very huge, everything lego does, they even have the first time that they have succeeded with girls, so that is the hottest brand in toys, across the board they are doing fantastic. i brought -- this is a little over $100 we put it on sale a lot, in fact, coming up soon. and "giants" the hottest video game if kids, there are figures you put on a portal and they enter the game. the action figures who are physical because virtual and you play with them, and it stores all the information on there. the stater set is on sale on
1:47 pm
black friday for $49.99. >>eric: how much after black friday? >>guest: the regular rice is $79.99 so we try to put it on sale and we have coupons but it is a great barring on on black friday. >>eric: that is why people flock to the stores on black friday. what percentage of the inventory or merchandise is marked down for black friday? >>guest: huge, we have 32 pages of toys on sale, 200 door busters starting at 8:00 p.m. the first 200 families in line at 8:00 p.m. each get a gift bag full of $30 in free choice and more sale items. >>eric: we talk about fiscal cliff a lot. it is on america's mind, worried about the tax structure, are people pulling back because of what may happen in january?
1:48 pm
>>guest: people are looking for bargains. in the toy business what we see is good times and bad and the last time parents cut back is holiday present for kid so ever during the negative times in the fall of 2008 and 2009, our sales grew around the world. >>imus: are you worried about the fiscal cliff on a corporate legal? >>guest: they will solve it. that is my bet. the broader economic picture remains, but i am comfort with the business. >>eric: have you held back until we find out if we go off the fiscal cliff? >>guest: we cannot slight the business for another purpose so we hired 45,000 seasonal employees more than last year. >>eric: the president saved the lives of these turkeys so why is peta so upset. the answer will have you saying "i degree -- i beg your pardon."
1:49 pm
. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office. often comes with a set of equally impressive instructions ? shouldn't something that's truly advanced, not need much explanation at all ? with the nokia lumia 822 on verizon, there's not much to learn because it's powered by windows... to let you do more than you ever imagined on your smartphone. exclusively with data sense-- a feature that makes the most of your plan. only on verizon.
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>>eric: president obama saving cobbler the turkey with a presidential pardon after staying at at five star hotel he will spend his life at mount vernon. peta says it is time to a the presidential pardon altogether. this is my favorite segment of the day. i love you guys, i mean, are you serious when you come up with these ideas or tongue-in-cheek to point out, to create some buzz to talk about the issues? you do not want the president to pardon the turkey? >>guest: well, unfortunately it is sorely outdated and staged event, held in partnership with
1:53 pm
the turkey providers themselves and frankly it accident do a thing to help turkeys. they do not need a pardon but they need people not to eat them. 46 million turkeys are killed each year for thanksgiving many have their throats slit while they are conscious and scalded alive in bowling hot water it is not the kind of industry people want to support anymore so we hope that president obama will follow in the footsteps of former president clinton who adopted a healthy vegan live survival, which is much lower in saturated fat with no cholesterol and better for the environment and better for animals who are not tortureed. >>eric: they only have a life span of two years. >>guest: they can live longer but the reality is the turkey producers pump them full of drugs and go them so large so fast their legs snapped so if they were bread naturally they would live longer but the reality is that the animals who are pardoned today will die in the next year because their hearts will fail from the way
1:54 pm
they have been bread. >>eric: you have the full screen, lock at this recent ad campaign, comparing turkey, eating turkey, to race, is that right? one of the ads has you, take a look, you would not eat your dog, why eat a turkey? these are extreme methods. >>guest: no, it is a simple biological fact. turkeys can feel pain and suffering the same way that the cats and dogs who share our homes. and when we do an undercover investigation at butter ball workers were punching the turkeys and stopping on their heads until the skulls exploded and sexually assaulting turkeys and people are uncomfortable with the idea of buying an animal who was sexually assaulted before having their throat slit and the best thing to do is enjoy a feast that is
1:55 pm
vegan. >>eric: i am saying it is okay, we are carnivores works eat meat you are saying american shot should eliminate meat from our diet. >>guest: i am saying just because we have done something for so many years doesn't mean we have to continue doing it. the reality is we live in 2012 and we have delicious vegan meals with vegan gravy and mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie and people can enjoy all the delicious holiday flavors they love without supporting egregious cruelty to animals. >>eric: some your other campaigns, including cop complaints of horse drawn carriages, and peta throws blood on people wearing fur? >>guest: only acts in non-provide length methods but we raise awareness of the fur industry since animals are skinned alive to produce the coats. earthquake why the nudity campaign? >>guest: well, peta start add campaign called i would rather
1:56 pm
go naked than wear fur, a way to draw attention to a serious issue the fact that animals are electrocuted, and often skinned alive to produce a fur coat. so, i would rather go naked than wear fur is a lighthearted fun way to draw attention to an issue that people do not want to thing about. >>eric: is there a difference between animal abuse and raising animals for human consumption? there has to be a line drawn, no? >>guest: most americans would agree it is not acceptable to slit the throats of animals while they are conscious or to scald them alive in boiling hot water but that is what we are paying for when we buy turkeys from the grocery store for thanksgiving and we encourage people to check out our website so you can check out free vegan recipes and learn how to have a cruelty free holiday feast. >>eric: we will leave it right there, thank you for joining us, and making me really depressed for the last 30 seconds of the show. >>guest: you can energy vegan
1:57 pm
feast, as well. >>eric: thank you. i will see you on "the five" in exactly three minutes everybody. [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. sowhy let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help . stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor.
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